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We are adding to our list of supplied fresh herbs all the time, so check back here soon for any additions!



Basil (Greek)

Greek Basil is a dwarf plant with rounded, mound shaped foliage. It is compact with small leaves has a strong flavour and fragrance.

Basil (Purple)

Purple Basil is sweet but very spicy flavoured with dark purple uniform leaves. Excellent for garnishing and flavouring.

Basil (Large Leaf)

Large leaf Basil has 10cm long leaves with a smooth edged 8 cm width. Looks like small lettuce leaves.

Bull Blood
(Red Chard )

Red baby leaves, attractive addition to salads. Roots have round sweet wholesome flavour.


Baby Celery approx. 150mm high. Mild green, shiny.

Chard (Green)

Red stemmed with green, red veined leaves standing approx. 150mm high. Ideal for fresh salads.


Aromatic sweet herb, bearing a slight resemblance to parsley, having light green, lacy, fern-like leaves


Tender stemmed, about 10cm in height. Ferny type leaf used for a garnish.


A tender, velvety green sweet lettuce with a mild nutty flavour, having broad or narrow shaped dark or medium, round or spoon shaped leaves.

Baby Mizuna

Light green, irregularly-shaped leaves at the end of approx 150mm long stems. Has a mild, yet tangy flavour.


Italian. Dark green leaf. Smooth leaf has celery like flavour. Available from a very small size to 10cm in height.

Perilla Red (Shiso)

Used for a garnish. It is dark green to red in colour and has a pointed leaf


Dark green leaf. Strong in flavour, it is very popular in exotic fresh salads. Supplied approx 5cm high

Salad Burnet

Fresh cucumber tasting herb with a flat rosette, spikey-toothed shaped leaf.


Long, green stringy, strong in flavour at short length.

Silver Beet

150 mm high, light green leaves with green stalks. Very tender, highly nutritious and delicious in salads.


Sorrell is light green in colour and 5cm in height. Pointy shaped leaves grow in clumps.


Tatsoi has a very dark green spoon-shaped leaf

Upland Cress

American Upland Cress has a clover-like leaf, is dark in colour and is used well with other herbs in salads or as garnish.


Deep green, clover-shaped leaves. Clustered or elongated stalks. Watercress adds a peppery, spicy flavour when used in a raw salad.

Green Shiso

Green Shiso also known as Perilla Green.
Green Shiso has a tender flat textured leaf. The flavour of Green Shiso is stronger then the Red Shiso.

Red Garnett

Beautiful deep red to contrast with other green amaranths. Excellent in salads and can be cooked like spinach.

Purple Radish

Deep Purple leaves. Clover like shape. Best used as a garnish in salads.

Large Mache

Large Leaf Dutch type Mache, also know as corn salad or lambs tongue. It has a delightful hint of mint. Available in winter and early Spring.

Mexican Tarragon

The taste , while very similar to French Tarragon, tends to be a little stronger. Chefs will often use a 50- 50 mix of Italian Parsley and Mexican Tarragon to more closley duplicate the taste of French Tarragon.


Wheat Grass has an extremely stronge flavour. It is used in a juice on its own or can be juiced with other fruit or vegetables and leafy greens. Wheat Grass is known to have concentrations of minerals and vitamins compared to fruits and vegetables.